• Image of Harvs & KLB - Leanworks CD

Deluxe Edition including 3 Bonus tracks. CD packaged in card wallet.


Confessions From A Beercan (Prod. Brothermoon)
Mix The Medicine (Prod. J Maxfield)
Put The Kettle On ft. illiterate (Prod. M.KOZI)
Pence Well Spent ft. Vitamin G & Bill Greene (Prod. s l i m)
Birdseye ft. Chung (Prod. Hank Hiller)
Get Lost ft. Jabbathakut (Prod. Remulak)
LaLaa ft. illiterate (Prod. Mr Slipz)
Space Pig Boy (Prod. General Gammon)

Bonus CD Tracks:
I'm Fine ft. NuphZed & Jabbathakut (Prod. Remulak)
Nothing Important (Prod. Owls At Night)
Snap Your Neck ft. Vitamin G (Prod. Remulak)