• Image of Wundrop & Kemastry - Frosty Raps CASSETTE

Legend is unclear as to whether it was coincidence or fate that brought together Kingsley Long, Huffleton Jenkinson and that first bottle of frost. Some say it was a yearning for simpler days, a craving for early teen nostalgia while others claim it was a lack of funds and the throes of severe alcoholism. Regardless, once that first sip wetted their parched throats something became clear and they set off on a rampage of carnage and debauchery, only stopping to refuel and record. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you... Frosty Raps: The Tales of Huff Jenks and King Long...

Featuring Vitamin G, illiterate, Harvs, NuphZed, KLB, Gaijin, Madhi Notlo, NooK & Yung Dereck.

Limited edition cassette, 50 only. Includes download code.


Side A:
1. The Tales Of... (Intro)
2. Word To Da Frost
3. Bored + Wasted
4. Cool Runnings ft. Harvs, Vitamin G & Yung Dereck
5. Bile Bukowski
6. RespeK Ft. NooK

Side B:
7. Exotic Creatures
8. Gloom Terrapinz
9. Donkey Punch! Ft. Madhi Notlo
10. Don't Know Jack Ft. illiterate, NuphZed, KLB & Gaijin
11. Pillow Talk (The Thaw)

Due to ship 23/3/18.